#1 WILL BOOT CAMP in India for Anyone Over 30+ Years Who Wants to Overcome Laziness, Toxic Habits, or Mediocrity.

Are you struggling with managing time?

Are you struggling with relationships?

Are you struggling with poor health?

Are you struggling with making money?

What do you struggle with most? lack of focus, consistency, laziness, fear, confusion, quit things easily, don't persist, what's yours?

Nothing worthwhile in your life comes easy, effort is needed for success in every element of your life.

Strong WILL, Courage, and Clarity are the secrets to your SUCCESS!


What do you want to CHANGE about your life today?


Your Health & Fitness?

Your Monetary Status?

Your Lifestyle?

Your Habits?

Your Relationships?

Your Business Growth?

Your Career Growth?

Your Social Circle?

Overcome Your Challenges?


What’s Your Wish and Dream for this YEAR?


  • Being FIT & HEALTHY
  • To Live a High-Quality Lifestyle
  • To CREATE an Abundance of ASSETS (Money, Wealth, Tangible Assets)
  • To Build Great Relationships & Connections
  • Living Life Stress-Free & Happy
  • Travel & Live the Good Life
  • Climb the Corporate Ladder
  • Build or Grow Your Business
  • To be EXCELLENT in Your WORK or CRAFT
  • To TAKE Your Skills and Talents to the Highest Level
  • Something else perhaps!
  • Maybe a combination of these things


What’s stopping you from GETTING what you want?


·      Sheer Laziness?

·      Don’t get things done?

·      Don’t execute your ideas?

·      Keep postponing work?

·      Mediocrity?

·      Fears?

·      Mental blocks?

·      Lack of clarity?

·      Lack of focus?

·      Bad habits?

·      Toxic relationships?

·      Poor social circle?

·      Poor lifestyle?

·      Don’t know how?

·      Other excuses..?


What if you could ACHIEVE many of your DREAMS and WISHES in the next 365 days?

How much would you invest for such a personal transformation, growth, hand-holding, and support?


If you’ve been shown the path on how to achieve and work on yourself. Would be willing to put in the work to make your dreams come true. Would you really like to know YOURSELF Better, Know Your Excuses, Know Your Doubts, and Know Your Fears and then overcome them?



You need to HUSTLE and do the DAILY GRIND to become SUCCESSFUL in your pursuit of your dreams, goals, and priorities. There are NO SHORTCUTS or an Easy Path to Success or else EVERYONE will become SUCCESSFUL. It takes effort or WILL, Courage and Clarity to be successful.

You are DESTINED for Greatness, WHY do you FIT in when you were BORN to STAND out. START working on Your WILL, Courage, and Clarity from TODAY and BECOME part of the Top 1% TRIBE of Champions and Highly Successful People.


So, how much are you willing to invest in yourself for such a transformation?

Over 600+ people from different parts of the world have transformed themselves through the WILL Boot Camp over the last 1 year and have gone on to achieve many of their dreams, goals and wishes. Do You want to be one of them?

(See testimonials)



How can the Willathon challenge help you?

  • To help you get going on your path to Greatness
  • To help you fulfil your dreams and wishes
  • To help you get fit, healthy and successful
  • To help you become 10X better in your Money, Business
  • To help you through your mental blocks, save time and stress


To help you focus your time, attention, and energy to pursue your SUCCESS? Personal growth and success happen when you PRACTICE winning tactics and techniques EVERYDAY to help you overcome your lazy moments, fears, and doubts so you can easily pursue your dreams and goals to SUCCEED and WIN.


Are you ready for the Willathon Challenge? Join the 30-Day or 365-Day Challenge to Transform your WILL.


How MUCH is your TIME Worth for You?


How Does the Challenge Work?


  • Group Coaching & Mentoring Over WhatsApp
  • Guided Self Work Over WhatsApp
  • Webinar Once a Month
  • Bonus Audio's & Video's on Self Work
  • Q & A and Solutions to your Unique Challenges
  • Monthly THEME to focus on one area of your life.
  • Personal or Custom Coaching (*For Premium Willathon)

*You need to do 3 TASKS Every Day

*It takes a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes every day.

*You will be booted out if you don't participate for 7 consecutive days

Become a Willathon Champion (30 Days) or Willathon Conqueror (365 Days)



What is the Willathon Challenge?



JOIN the Willathon Challenge Only If Want to Become a MASTER of your WILL, Build Your Courage & Get Clarity through this Innovative WILL Boot Camp

This is not a video course, its a GUIDED SELF Work for 365 DAYS


For Anyone who is 18+ years can join the program.


Starts: 01st of the Month

Bonus: Get started off on 1 Task while you wait...

--- Willathon Premium ---

JOIN the Willathon Premium TODAY and you will get a free-coaching call (scheduled) to get you started off on your Willathon Journey.

Post the call, we will let you know if we find you suitable to take up the Willathon Premium challenge, if not then we will refund your money. There is no refund once the challenge begins...


JOIN only IF;

  • Your willing put in the work on yourself everyday
  • You really want to fulfill your dreams and wishes
  • You really want to be successful and save your time
  • You are not going to quit midway
  • You have a burning desire to change and to improve the quality of your life

Are you ready? To Invest in yourself ₹100/day for 365 days?


Are you ready? To WIN Over Your WILL by 1% Every Day!


  • How does it FEEL to have your DREAMS & Goals fulfilled?
  • How does it FEEL to have a Mentor help and guide you?
  • How COMMITTED are you to get BETTER in your life?

  • When is the BEST Time to START? How MUCH is your TIME & Energy Worth to You?

Every day That You WAIT is a Day LOST Forever!

Are you ready? Then Pick a CHALLENGE and Register NOW.



Still not sure, connect on WhatsApp at (+91) 89511 40598


After payment, click the link to join our WhatsApp group.


Wishing you an abundance of strength, courage, and clarity.


Capt. Preetham Madhukar

Former Sea Captain & Founder of Skills Beyond Education

Mentor @ The Willathon Challenge

About Us

Willathon Challenge is offered by Skills Beyond Education, an organization founded in 2016 by Captain Preetham Madhukar. A former sea captain and curator of the Will Boot Camp Challenges.

My journey or mission is to help people work on the WILL, which I found to be the center of many issues or challenges we face as a society today. Lack of Will and Courage seems to affect every domain of our lives from health, lifestyle, money, relationships, career, and businesses.

Over the years, I found that more and more people seemed to struggle with laziness and mediocrity. They were unreliable, and lacked focus and drive to complete the tasks. During my interactions with others, I found out that this problem is all over the world and every society or person seems to suffer the same issues.

Today, we struggle with digital addictions to poor sleep, poor social interactions to lack of purpose, poor energy to lack of drive to get things done. Lack of WILL, Courage, or Clarity is connected to each of these issues and I was able to observe the world through this will-lens. 

Since 2016, it has become my mission to help people work on their WILL Strength, Courage, and Clarity and to bring in transformational practices from sea cadet training days which built discipline, devotion, and direction. My life learnings and experiences are also adapted as tasks in the WILL Boot Camp to help people overcome their lazy moments, fears, and doubts. 

Skills Beyond Education has a dedicated team offering innovative and unique programs, workshops, and camps for self-work. As part of our mission, we help build 21st-century skills, winning habits, and mindful practices to help a person reach their highest potential as we live in a new-age digital world.

Our programs are designed and curated to make an individual the 'Master of ONE's WILL', COURAGE and CLARITY and vis-à-vis reach out to his/her highest potential. This means becoming the best versions of themselves and being successful in every sense of the world.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at (+91) 89511 40598 | 84520 86689

Why do participants love this challenge?

Over 600+ people across the world have worked on their WILL through these WILL challenges and they are experiencing personal successes and are becoming the best versions of themselves. You too can become part of this 1% TRIBE.

"I am an artist and took up the WILL challenge. This has helped me to complete one painting each day by gathering the courage to throw myself into an unknown situation. Thank you once again" - Shilpashree

“Thank you very much for initiating me into this journey of strengthening my WILL. I feel it came to me at the right time. I am a long-term procrastination addict, according to my own judgment. But now I have hope of working and improving on myself." - Ajay

"In spite of the mind-boggling work falling on my shoulders, I could work on myself and understand how my WILL is playing role in all the duties I fulfill. Heartfelt gratitude” – Preeti

“I enjoyed this journey a lot and feel I have improved on my will strength for sure. The journey was also new to me and hence exciting. I never knew there was so much science behind this. Thanks a lot, Captain Preetham for taking this initiative” – Bindu 

"I can’t even begin to tell you how much gratitude I feel towards you and the team for inviting me to this challenge, and delivering it masterfully for the challenge and beyond!” – Badi 

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